Since 2008 | Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth

The Pen Plan Project has evolved over three installations in different Australian cities. Devised as an experiential display for children, each one invited participants to imagine and create a place they'd never visited. The first Pen Plan in Brisbane used lengths of raw 2 x 4 timber to replicate the city. Then children were given pen and paints to design their Brisbane of the future onto what already exists.

Pen Plan Projects was inspired by an online project called Heads Upside down, Feet on the Ground.


Pen Plan Paris took the project in another direction. First, a typical Parisian apartment was constructed out of cardboard at Artplay in Melbourne. Then 450 children were given pens and paints and asked to express what they thought life in France was like through words and art. The results were colourfully surprising and illuminating.


Next, Pen Plan China popped up at the Awesome Art Festival in Perth. This time, a traditional Chinese pavilion home was constructed and children invited to record their interpretations of what life in China might be like.


The third chapter of Pen Plan Paris was held in Brisbane, with the format evolving again to suit the local audience. In this edition, standard 4 x 2 lengths of wood were transformed into the CBD of Brisbane and left as a completely blank canvas. Children were invited to think about what the future might hold for the city - new buildings going up, old ones being replaced, new areas being developed - and create these changes onto the existing landscape.



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The Pen Plan Projects were created in collaboration with March Studio.