2016 | Online

Citezmoi (translates as 'quote me') is a project developed by Persona Tres Grata, a French not-for-profit organisation dedicated to giving those living with a disability a powerful voice. The purpose of this project is to project the thoughts, ideas and questions of those living with a disability, and in doing so remove any perceived differences in the way people live.


This powerful project is successful because the thoughts are expressed without any knowledge of who the person is saying them. Each quote is universal in its own way, and therefore the conclusion is that those living with disabilities are just like everyone else.allthemes

Viewers are invited to participate with their own quotes and comments, adding another layer of inclusion to the project.

Commissioned by:
Persona Tres Grata

L'Arche International |
CAJ Menilmontant
Ateliers du 94

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