2017 | International

L'Arche International, an organisation dedicated to giving a voice to those
living with disabilities, launched a new web documentary project in 2017
entitled Words of the World.
It presents a series of intimate interviews with 34
people with intellectual disabilities from 34 different countries.

01 Anim english2932942951033x616 images12The site is bilingual French and English.

fr 1fr 3Navigation is provided via conversational themes or portraits.

Each interview reveals the multifaceted story behind the person.

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Cameras: Guillaume Destombes and Mickael McDonald
Editing: Vincent Couillard
Executive production: Frederic Denimal, Cascade Audiovisual
Project manager: Anne Chabert d’Hières
Technical and editorial advisor: Matthieu Gorisse-Mondoloni
Photographer: Benedite Topuz
Graphics/Web Concept: March Studio/Double-A
Development: Clutch Creative / Projet 901
Computer Support: Farid Barka, PC Next

Visit the English website.

Visitez le site Français.